Saturday, March 22, 2014


Lovely Saturday, I passed my day with the life I wish to be. Just simple and enjoyable. The day that someone couldn't give me at all. A yummy breakfast, an extreme movie, a grocery shopping, a self-cook dinner, and watching drama at home. I filled my day with these simple activities, I felt satisfied.

I'm not a pretty lady, I'm not a rich women, I just a simple girl.
I know I'm capricious, I'm rude. This is only for someone that I care I love.
Maybe some nights my tear drop, but I'll smile again the next day.
Because I strong enough, everyone also feel didn't need any protective.
I'm corrupt right now, but I told myself I can stand up again.
I will make myself more stronger, happier than ever.
Sometime I will confuse, keep fighting in my mind.
I will find my way to handle this kind of thinking.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Working Life

This blog had been forgotten for a time, apologize for this because I really lack of motivation to manage it. Officially step into working life, it's totally different with study life. A lot of commitments make my burden, now I do understanding what called life. You will never believe that you will go bed before 12am and wake up at 7am. Luckily I didn't face the problem of traffic jam heading to work.

How about my company? consider as big national corporate but I felt not really good on the benefit. Haha...However, I still will keep continue on this job since I lazy to hunt for another company.

I will fill up my life with different activities, I want make everyday of my life become meaningful. I love myself. This year would be a tough year for me, but I never fed up.  Cheer!!
Thanks for let me know I'm just nothing for you.
Thanks for let me know how important of money.
Thanks for let me know can't trust a guy when they claim they can do it.
Thanks for let me know I'm know deep of you.
Thanks for let me know what's your thinking.
Thanks for let me know how stupid I am.
Thanks for let me know I was wrong.
Thanks for let me know I'm not worth for you.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

End Up Student Life

I leaved my blog for almost half year, I'm coming back right now.
I had been through 10+ Europe countries within 1 months. How cool izzit? Stayed in Sheffield, United Kingdom 3 months for continue my study of BA(HONS) Business of E-commerce & Marketing. At start, I felt amazing of everything in western country especially the weather. While we reached there during the end of spring and begin of summer. The day time will be longer so you can see the sky still bright at 10pm. Hence, you can saw the sun rise around 4-5am. It was summer with the warm sunlight. Most of UK citizen love sunbathing because only summer they can enjoy with the sunshine.

Apart from these, I have learned a lot of things from this summer semester there. It was an amazing experiences that ever in my life. A place with fresh air, mild smile, ancient building, grass can lying... Hot sunlight with cold wind, what a weird match. But I love it so much.

We have joined the day trip to every city in UK during weekends. At first it would be excited to travel around the UK. But at last, we felt boring with those similar cathedrals, buildings or other else. Gained great experiences went to London and Liverpool by backpacking. First try as backpacker to stay dom with almost 15 people in a room. The bad things was it could annoying others room mates while back late. I could saw the Big Ben just in front of me and also the tower bridge that only can watched from Tv before.

I can't cover my feeling to shout out every of my experiences. However, it need spend a lot of times sharing through my blog. Thanks my family gave me the chance. Back Malaysia almost 2 months but I'm still unemployed. Sorry, I was too lazy. Try hard applying jobs online, hope get some good news soon. Feeling nervous to another step and also new place for my life. God bless everything go smooth.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


There has a long time never updating my blog since last few months. Almost forget about this blog since i got another new way to keep my memory. How fast the time passed by. Tomorrow I'll fly to UK for summer sems to get my BA( Hons),wow~~I'm gonna shift from this house that I stayed from 2 years ago, I miss it and not willing to say goodbye. A lonely night with cold weather and listening the rain dropped sound. Strong feeling in my heart said that " I don't want end all of these" . But it doesn't work and I still need to face the fact. Few weeks ago I was excited to go UK and full of imagination. However, I miss everything in Malaysia right now. I need farewell with every of my friends, but I don't have time for this. For someone who love the most, for best buddy, for baobei, for lovely family, goodbye!!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I-City Trick Art Museum

Yesterday went to I-city for the Trick Art Museum with darling, Yin Ai and her friends. However, all my photo just got me and darling coz both of us too excited and almost forget them. Maybe Yin Ai went there before so she seen less of interested about the same things. Anyway, we love so much with the trick art inside museum. The ticket per entrance only RM5 per pax, worth for purchase. My estimation about the museum maybe just few of the trick art, or just take a small round then done all. But I was wrong, inside got many amazing trick art and we enjoy it so much. At last, we almost exhausted to do post for different 3 D picture.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

CNY 2013

Gong Xi Fat Cai!!!Happy Chinese New Year..
Welcome for 2013 Chinese New Year! This semester had a lousy time table that we need to attend 1 week class before CNY. Previously time table was continuous the sems break with CNY holidays, thus we no need to get back school for class. that's unfortunately I need to go back KL for only 2 days classes with the long journey. The more bad things was the traffic jam when I came back before CNY eve. The first time I met the horrible traffic jam at Northern Highway and cost me double time to reach my sweet home. I think I will be face it for future years when I start to work. OMG~

well, stop saying that's bad stuff. Let's sharing some happy stuff in CNY. You can see the yummy steamboat ready to serve when we were reached. However, I lost my appetite to enjoy the meal due to my tired body. But I also enjoy the happy festival~^^

The kids are growing and some of them starting to wearing glasses. 

the grandfather and grandchild 

Pili Pala Pili Pala....Chor 1 for the CNY. Follow the cultural of chinese new year, firecracker is something that can't miss. while waiting for the lion dance, we already hang up the firecracker at outside the house. 

All the people gather together in the living and non-stop chit chat. this scene only can see during CNY.

Finally, lion dance come visited our house after their lunch time. All the kids very excited to meet it and they seen like love it so much. The festival feel enhance with the firecracker and lion dance. I love CNY!

After that, we were boring stay home so we decided to go Amanjaya Mall for movie. I had booked tickets earlier for the "I Love Hong Kong" 2013. Just normal for this movie but it helped us spend our time for the boring evening. 
 when we reached there, a call from our family members for purchases the movie tickets. Below is the tickets they ordered for, almost 20+ people went to watch the movie, cool right?